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2021 DFASAM Application

Open: Saturday, August 1, 2020 12:00:00 AM - Friday, September 4, 2020 11:59:00 PM


Criteria to Apply

In order to qualify as an ASAM Distinguished Fellow, you must meet every one of the following six criteria (I-VI) below, complete the fellows application using the ASAM member portal and providing documentation that verifies each accomplishment you have so noted. Failure to fill out the application accurately and completely and to provide complete verification will delay or prevent the Distinguished Fellows Committee from considering your application.

Section I: Member of ASAM for at least 5 consecutive years.

Section II: Certified by ASAM or ABAM in Addiction Medicine or ABPM in the subspecialty of Addiction Medicine, or ABPN in Addiction Psychiatry, or by AOA in Addiction Medicine

Section III: Significant service to ASAM in at least three of the areas below
    1. Completed at least one term on the ASAM Board of Directors.
    2. Served as Chair of an ASAM committee, task force, or work group OR served as a member and can provide documentation of repeated and significant contributions for at least two years to the work of the committee. 
    3. Completed at least one term as an ASAM delegate or alternate delegate to the AMA.
    4. Completed at least one term as an officer of AND made significant contributions to an active Chapter of ASAM, documented in this application. 
    5. Served as a Chair or Vice-Chair of a state, regional or national ASAM conference.
    6. Served as a member on the planning committee of at least two state, regional or national ASAM conferences, documented in this application.
    7. Served as the speaker at three or more national ASAM conferences.
    8. Served on the editorial board of an ASAM national publication.
    9. Authored content three or more times in an ASAM national publication.
    10. Other related clinical contributions such as developing an unique model for addiction treatment or advancing the knowledge base of Addiction Medicine.
  • Section IV: Significant contributions to the field of Addiction Medicine through Academic accomplishments, Teaching, Volunteerism, Community involvement, or Political/Legislative Involvement
  • Section V:  Written endorsement from a Current or Former National ASAM President, Board Member, State Chapter President, Regional Director, or Standing Committee Chair in good standing indicating a knowledge of your accomplishments, commitment to the field of addiction, professionalism, and recommendation for your appointment.
  • Section VI: Provide the $250 application fee (US funds only) along with your application.

List all relevant activities, and wherever possible, include supporting documentation. Supporting documentation MAY INCLUDE but IS NOT LIMITED TO a typed curriculum vitae. Each section of the application allows for a variety of possible documentation, thereby permitting the type of supporting documentation which best represents involvement. Examples of supporting documentation include copies of announcements, commendations, copies of certificates, awards, plaques  attesting to involvement, letters from a member/official of an organization attesting to involvement and copies of minutes, agendas, or other business related materials from involvement.

Applications will be reviewed to determine if the applicant qualifies to apply. Submission of an application does not guarantee an applicant will be awarded ASAM’s Distinguished Fellow designation. 

Applications for which all parts are not completed by August 31, 2020 will not be accepted for consideration. Payment ($250 U.S. Funds), application, and supporting documentation must be submitted together.  

Applicants awarded the Distinguished Fellow designation must remain an ASAM member in good standing and maintain certification by ABAM in Addiction Medicine or ABPM in the sub-specialty of Addiction Medicine, or ABPN in Addiction Psychiatry, or by AOA in Addiction Medicine in order to continue the use of the ASAM Distinguished Fellow designation.

Refund and Withdrawal Policy
There will be a $150 fee to process application withdrawal requests submitted prior to August 31, 2020. Applicants who withdraw from the application process after August 31, 2020 will not be granted a refund.

Competition Tasks

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